You've probably heard the term 'self-build', but many customers dismiss it as something that's beyond their reach.

We've all seen the hapless guests on TV's Grand Designs struggle with their budget, timescales and the overall enormity of creating their own home; but what if there was a simpler, more controlled way to create your dream house?

Your self-build dream house

Right now, we're helping customers at Squirrel Wood in Basingstoke do just that. Self-build here is still a challenge but, guided by our team, customers have found that they can actually manage such a project … and enjoy it!

The first step for customers is to visit our Squirrel Wood development and choose their dream plot. Once that's happened they can start creating their self-build home.

Why build a self-build home?

Doing things this way has its advantages; aside from the obvious appeal of creating a home from scratch, completely in line with your and your family's requirements, there are logistical benefits too. Our planning consent for Squirrel Wood means that as long as customers stay within the parameters of the design code, no added planning approval will be required – meaning that building can start straight away!

And, the plot price includes all the planning obligations, the installation of services to the plot boundary, and the construction of the roads leading to the plot – so that's more of the hard work taken away. Customers will also only need to pay Stamp Duty on the price of the plot itself – that's a big appeal as it can make for significant savings.

What you can do next

Think that self-build can work for you? Our team would love to chat you through the basics of how to get started; we can also help put you in touch with mortgage advisers who consider self-build applications, and architects and designers who can help realise your vision for a dream house.