The role of our homes has changed so much in recent months; within our four walls we’ve each carved out spaces in which to work, to let our children play, to teach our children and maintain their education, to eat, to socialise, and of course, to relax.

Working in your current home

It’s likely that many of us didn't have the right layouts at home to absorb recent demands; dining tables have become multi-functional surfaces for working at home and homeschooling alike.

While all that’s helped us safely get through the lockdown period, it’s got many people thinking about reshaping the spaces around them – perhaps changing them all together.

Is a custom home your future?

“Self-build and custom-build homes are the perfect choice for a new future,” explains Jenny Breton at Squirrel Wood. “Even as lockdown is gradually eased, our habits have inevitably changed long term, with many of us working more regularly from home.

“In light of that, buyers are now looking for a space they can completely dictate; the office needs to be separated from the living area, so that a true, physical separation from work can be achieved each evening.”

Working from home is just one driving factor in a new appetite for self-build and custom-build; Jenny continues: “Some people haven’t always prioritised the idea of a dining space, but again as we have spent all of our mealtimes at home in recent months, more thought is being put into those areas.

Valuing your space

“Outside space needs considering too. Though private and shared green spaces have always been hugely important, no one could have anticipated just how cherished they could become, offering the chance for fresh air and exercise. So with many customers also assessing their external space, self-build is an increasingly appealing option, allowing not just the layout of a home – but the layout of an entire plot – to be determined by the buyer.”

Does it sound like an appealing option to you? Custom and self-build homes are available right now at Squirrel Wood in Basingstoke.