In recent months we've spent more time in our homes than ever before, with many people really coming to appreciate their houses – not to mention the areas they'd love to change.

The new way of home design

We've perhaps all become architects in our heads, thinking of new ways to improve and adapt our homes so that they can naturally become all encompassing; a workplace, a place to entertain, a place to spend time with family, and of course, a sanctuary in which to relax.

The cumbersome composition of some architectural styles and house types however can make adaptation difficult; load-bearing walls, unnatural layouts, dark rooms, are often found in homes built last century, meaning they can't always be transformed into a dream home.

Custom build puts you in control

That's why custom-build is a great way forward. A chance for flexibility and customer choice, it's essentially an alternative to buying an 'off the shelf' new build home, allowing you to make those all-important creative decisions and making it work for you, your family and your lifestyle for the long term.

Right now, we're creating custom-build homes to our customer's dream specifications in Basingstoke. The simple purchasing process starts with customers reserving their perfect spot on our Squirrel Wood development. Once that's decided, then it's onto the fun part of designing your very own home! Choosing from a range of layouts, you'll then be able to make real choices about your new property – from the big choices like the number of bedrooms, whether you want to add a utility room extension, loft conversion or conservatory, bay windows and extra patio doors, whether you want eco-friendly features, like solar panels - right down to the smaller aesthetic options like door handles and skirting boards.

The entire layout is designed with our team, and the final cost calculated; and we'll already have your choice approved for planning meaning that construction can commence straight away, with our team inviting you onto site for regular update visits and inspections.

Securing finances for your custom build

Custom-build has also become popular in recent years, meaning that any fears of securing a mortgage against this type of home can be put to one side. Of course, sometimes it's not quite as straight forward as a general mortgage, but our team can help put you in touch with the lender that best suits you.

So, with many of us working at home more than ever before and spending increased time with our families within our own four walls, designing your own home might well be a way for you to cultivate a completely bespoke space that works for each and every member of your household.

To find out more, visit our Locations and find a development that offers your perfect custom home.